Built in 2014

167 Square Feet | 243 Square Feet Deck

The Treehouse is the whimsical detached bedroom-partner of the Maison Pamplemousse. The Tree House provides an elevated perspective of the native trees and permaculture on the grounds and a higher level of privacy.

Sitting on a hashtag-shaped foundation of 3,500 psi of poured concrete and hundreds of feet of steel rebar, the Treehouse was built with and for Alain’s daughter.  The Treehouse is accessible from the ground via a hand forged steel ladder that leads through an olive tree up to a deck/patio and a bedroom.  The windows were placed strategically to capture the foliage, trajectory of the moon and natural light.   Below the Treehouse one can bathe comfortably among the foliage in an insulated stainless steel soaking tub.

Tree House

Tree House was built with and for Alain’s daughter. 

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