The Cloud

Its name was inspired by the diffused light that creates a feeling of living amongst the clouds.   The absolute privacy the upstairs affords is something one notices not just here but in most of the rooms across the entire property.  As with much of the property, the views are of the sky and green canopies of deciduous, coniferous, fruit and palm trees.  

The Cloud is currently serving as a two story apartment with a downstairs bedroom/office that opens out to its own patio with an upstairs studio with sunlit kitchen, bath and windows on all four sides.

Custom built steel awnings were installed to rise and lower to the desired height and double function as hanging shelves for plants.  What appear to be the original floors have been thoroughly protected by layers of wood oil and sealant.  The wood windows are also original as are most of the panes of glass.  The kitchen and bathroom are well sized and there always seems to be a soft breeze floating through the unit.  The spacious bathroom offers a clawfoot tub and a view through a two story grapefruit tree.

The Cloud

As with much of the property, care was taken to give each of the residences a private outdoor space surrounded by vegetation.

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