Maison Pamplemousse

Built in 2017

188 Square Feet

Kitchen + Bath + Dining area

Entirely built with recycled materials, the Maison Pamplemousse is a stainless steel tiny-home/retreat designed and built to live alongside the Treehouse, a bountiful grapefruit tree and mature bamboo.  An exercise in “situationism” and Sashimono (Japanese wood joining), the Maison Pamplemousse incorporates itself with the environment bringing the native flora and wildlife to the living spaces.

The Maison Pamplemousse contains a kitchen, dining area and a bathroom with thoughtfully positioned skylights and clerestory windows to capture views of the garden, sky and canopy of trees. Together with the Treehouse, the Maison Pamplemousse has offered itself  as a writer’s retreat, drafting room, yoga studio, meditation space and vacation rental.

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